Are these even goals?

Let’s look at that list of goals again –

  1. Write my goals down – done
  2. See parents more and nieces more and family more and friends more – haven’t done enough
  3. Pick up consistent writing habits (one post a day, starting with this blog) – this post is a day late!
  4. Learn to use wordpress through and through – ongoing perhaps buy lanctlf package
  5. Sell all my crap on ebay – Started already
  6. Setup offshore account – Need to subscribe to Simon Black
  7. Setup offshore tax structure for business – ditto
  8. Continue to learn and master options trading (Greeks are next) – Need to read option blog posts everyday
  9. Maintain intellectual honesty – working on it
  10. Learn online marketing – Need to heed Gary North on this
  11. Start an import/export business – Need to buy into ETR
  12. Make my first dollar online – It will happen
  13. Organise my life so I can work anywhere I want to and still lead a fruitful and eventful and fulfilling life – Remember that time is money, follow pareto’s rule
  14. Become a kickarse guitar player and finally play in a band – Need to play guitar for at leas one hour everyday, using right technique and exercises
  15. Get a second passport – Ditto Simon Black and also Qwealth
  16. Become an amateur video producer – Start saving in piggy and buy camera for my birthday
  17. Learn to speak, read and write Mandarin – Enroll in Tesol Course and teach in China
  18. Learn speak, read and write Spanish – Enroll in Tesol Course and teach in Latin America, Simon Black’s newsletter might have some useful info on Latin America
  19. Get a girlfriend – Registered on okcupid and filipinocupid already
  20. Meet interesting and eccentric people – hosting a couchsurfer
  21. Start on my best man speech for my mate – Wedding in February, have outline done by mid year.

It’s seems to me there that my list is made up of a mish mash of aims, goals and to do’s.

Aim’s are aspirational, it’s the big picture stuff, Goals have an objective, can be measured and quantified. To do’s are the tasks that need to be done in order to achieve the goals. With that in mind, I have a newer revamped list separating the three components.

Aim –

To have the ability to see family and friends more often without the hindrance and reluctance a lack of financial strength can impose. Having multiple streams of income will not make me happy but it will afford me opportunities that have the chance to make me happy.

Goals –

  1. To consistently and perpetually maintain my first personal blog.
  2. By the start of April I should have sold all my unwanted personal belongings on ebay, if items cannot be sold I will give them away to charity. I need to limit the items I keep to 200 to lead a minimalist lifestyle.
  3. By June 23 2011, start new job in private construction company.
  4. Make my first dollar online by 1st of May.
  5. By June 23 2011, have finish Tesol Course and on my way to China to teach english and learn Mandarin.
  6. By June 23 2011, have set up cook island trust.
  7. By December 2011, set up import/export business, selling products on ebay.

As you can see, I have revamped my goals, so that they are either perpetual goals, or they have deadlines, they are also measurable, in that I have either done them or I have not.

Out of the six goals, the most important one I want to achieve is the first 3. Let’s look at the to do’s required –

Goal 1 – To consistently and perpetually maintain my first personal blog.

To do’s –

  1. Go through wordpress tutorial. Finish by Friday 11 2011.
  2. Read up on Lanceflt wordpress training package by Saturday 12 2011.
  3. Read and review 1 online marketing article on newly created blog using wordpress.

Goal 2 – By the start of April I should have sold all my unwanted personal belongings on ebay, if items cannot be sold I will give them away to charity. I need to limit the items I keep to 200 to lead a minimalist lifestyle.

To do’s –

  1. By Sunday 13 February, go through clothes, and give away unwanted clothes to donation bins.
  2. By Sunday 13 February, sell another 5 items on ebay.
  3. By Friday 12 Feb, package blender to post on Monday.

So that’s basically it, now I need a way to keep track of these to do’s…my first thought is to use MSproject, however I am unwilling to pay for it and I am reluctant to use a pirated copy, I’ve always had problems. Furthermore, my current laptop is dying a slow death everyday, I am considering buying a cheap netbook from aldi and installing only freeware. The free market has essentially destroyed copyrighted software because free equivalents are now everywhere. I’m going to checkout

It’s an online project management tool, this could be a great way for me to manage my goals and to dos. I’ll report back on my next post.


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I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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