Is this the best pizza joint in Canberra?

For those of us who have been fermenting in Canberra for the past few years the name Debacles, should ring a bell… It’s located in Braddon and by all accounts become quite an institution due to their 2 for 1 deals. A large pizza that would normally cost within the range of 27-32 dollars essentially will cost you half that…all you gotta do is buy 2, which means you’ll need to bring a few extra stomachs to help ravage the delicate pizza’s.

Tonight was one of those nights… myself and few other food fanatics (murien, le phong and le lewis) originally wanted to smash down traditional vietnamese at ‘can tho’ in belconnen, more specifically we were ready to smash down the traditional ‘banh hoi tit nuong’ dish…for those that don’t know its ‘sang choi bao’ veit style with grilled pork…I’m telling ya, this dish is best served at ‘can tho’ they make it best…perhaps this dish deserves its own post…

now back to the story… to our shock…we discovered can tho was closed even though opening times clearly said it should be open… this is restaurant fail big time…so in haste our plan B was to go to dumpling house in jamison…but alas….it was not to be as it to was closed for business on monday….moral of the story…don’t go out to eat in canberra on mondays.

By now all 4 of us were pretty deflated until the bright one, le phong suggested debacles…since is was on the way back to my place we decided to give it a shot. Thank god it was open!

We quickly ordered 2 large pizza half and half pomadore/bombay chicken and half and half owners special/de mare.

Now at this stage I was reminding myself to take a picture for use on this post, but in the heat of anticipation to the actual arrival of the pizza’s my short term memory regressed while my primal instincts of food and survival took over…alas…I forgot to take a happy snap.

Not to worry, this is what this review is for, if a picture is worth a million words, I’m going to summarized them for you in one paragraph. So the best pizza was a tie between owners special and bombay chicken. Bombay chicken is essentially tandoori chicken on a pizza…but to the restaurants credit…this weird combination works, the tandoori flavour wasn’t just in the chicken but in the whole pizza as well, the juice content was just right, not to soggy and not to dry and the portions were generous. The owners special got ticks because the simple rocket/mozzarella/procsuitto toping works surprisingly well. In the words of murien who is of sicilian origin, this is the only pizza joint that serves prosciutto correctly…fresh not baked. I can’t agree more. These two toppings will definitely be in heavy rotation whenever I go back again. The other toppings were pretty average, in the pomodore the pancetta was over cooked…bad bad bad and in the di mare…the seafood was of less than average quality and the flavour of the sea was lacking. the overall flavour for that matter was not distinct enough…in a word bland.

Usually restaurant reviews give ratings, however this post is a little different… instead you will get a picture of the atermath of our ravageness –

As you can see the four of us smashed the pizza’s but noting above review there were left overs of the di mare and pomodore pizza’s


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I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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