Political Payback gone too far?

One of Gary North’s public articles tipped me to this story.

Art Robinson, distinguished scientist, was a US republican candidate in the November 2010 elections for congress in Oregon. He lost. Now he is experiencing political payback that is being targeted at his children.

2 possibly 3 of his children who are completing there PhD studies at Oregon State University are facing dismissal. No apparent reason is given by the University.

Art ran against democrat DiFazio in 2010. There was a big smear campaign and Art ultimately lost. It was still a watershed moment considering DiFazio garnered 80% of votes last time around compared to just 54% this time around. Art immediately announced his intention to contest the next election. That’s when the trouble started.

As a side note, the University has been earmarked to recieve 27 million in funding by DiFazio. Hmmm smells a bit fishy to me…

For a better context to the story go to this link Art posted. The counter article the University posted doesn’t really respond to anything, I’ll let you interpret it.

I’ve registered my support already.

You can register yours at – www.OregonStateOutrage.com.

This type of politicking is simply bad taste in my opinion.


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