Fukushima nuclear reactor coverup!?

As soon as I touched down in Darwin I was confronted with what would by now be the all too familiar pictures of the wave of destruction caused by the Tsunami in Japan. My deepest sympathies goes out to everyone in Japan who are caught up in this devastating event.

You might think the title of this post sounds alarmist but if there was ever a time for personal responsibility it is now. I want you to read this post. It is written by Mike Rogers who has lived in Japan for 27 years who also happens to write for http://www.lewrockwell.com/ – enough said.


About 1D

I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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