Havaianas are overrated overhyped overpriced and a pain to wear.

I’ve had it with Havaianas. My last pair broke when I was in Vietnam. I’ve had two pairs break on me while walking in the middle of nowhere. It always breaks off at the bottom round circly thingymejigs that keep it from pulling through. When they do pull through they are through. So am I.

The last pair broke in the middle of a sprawling and bustling market in Vietnam. What was even more embarrassing is that it broke in front of a stall selling thongs. To add insult to injury those entrepreneurial Vietnamese wouldn’t sell one to me for less that 100,000 dong (5 AUD). I don’t blame them. It was obvious I knew that they knew that I knew that they would scam me big time and I would let them get away with it. They did.

So a for the equivalent of 5 dollars I bought I really uncomfortable pair of fake converse flip flops. The fact that they were ugly wasn’t the major issue, they were so hard that I thought I was wearing wooden clogs, and they made this most annoying clikity clakity sound. I wore them for the rest of trip and have not touched them since returning back home. Now all this happened about 6 months ago, and since returning I’ve had to go back to my old k-swiss flip flops. There’s only one major problem. They stink. Unfortunately the k-swiss flip flops are porous. Porous = smelly feet. Not a good idea. The other niggling problem with those k-swiss flip flops was that the straps must have been made out of frictionless cloth-like material. Every time I was walking in them I felt they wanted to come off. I’m through with the K-swiss as well.

Now back to the Havaianas. I’ve been considering buying another pair ever since my last pair broke, but I have always held back because of the price. Originally what made me buy a pair in the first place was because of the price. My thinking was “for 40 dollars a pop they must be really durable and comfy”… wrong.

That thing that sits between your big toe and second big toe is rather irritating. The plastic straps that sit on your feet do grip, but they grip uncomfortably, while not a big deal if your only walking out in them for a few minutes, it becomes a pain if your in flip flops for most of the day. Can you wear them in? Sure you can, but why on earth do you even need to wear flip flops in. They should be super comfy from the beginning!! argh!!

Havaianas, at least the ones I had would begin to smell after prolonged use. I can’t confirm it, but my guess is that Havaianas are made from a porous like material. Thus, they will stink eventually. Crocs are not porous and therefore do not stink but they are sure damn ugly to look at –

Crocs are another beast altogether… they have there uses, but I’ll save that for another post.

Anyway so here I was umming and ahhing on whether to buy a $30-40 pair of Havaianas. I’m glad I didn’t. Today I snuck on a pair of cheapy 2 dollar flip flops my mum bought at some market.

They must be the cheapest pair of flips flops I have ever worn. Cheaper then the ones I bought in Vietnam. I’ve decided to ditch my K-wiss for this no name brand. It looks just like Havaianas except they are 15-20 times cheaper. Get that? I can buy 15 pairs for 1 pair of Havaianas. Do we even need to do a cost benefit comparison… need I say more. Even more amazing is that they are actually more comfortable too. About the only thing Havaianas have gong for them is range and colour. Sorry, but range and colour is not enough for me to fork out $40 a pair. Maybe at $15…

For all you Havaianas flip floppers the hype just ain’t worth wearing. I’m now a born again real flip flopper. Wear Havaianas at your peril.

If you want to stand out from the sheeple you hang with, go on a mission to find a pair of look alike Havaianas that are not only cheaper but more comfortable to wear. No one will think you are cheap if your decision is based on sound philosophy.


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9 Responses to Havaianas are overrated overhyped overpriced and a pain to wear.

  1. Tina says:

    You sure complain a lot.

  2. Manny says:

    used to get the musical notes slippers from Longs Drugs in Oahu for $0.88 on sale. you could buy 50 pairs for the prices for the havaianas slippers made in the brazil sweatshops

  3. Luke says:

    I think your feet are the problem, not the Havaianas. I’ve had mine for more than 3 years now and they are still perfectly fine and don’t smell like anything.

  4. Belinda says:

    I have had the same problem as well as my son, the kids one’s are $20 a pop. Rip off considering this thongs don’t last. Will be switching brands!!

  5. John Road says:

    I would check out http://FlyingFlips.com They’re about $30 but mine have been really quality, havent busted, and are super comfy flip flops!

  6. Paulene says:

    I broke my toe wearing Havianas. They fold back too easily because they are so flimsy. The men’s style are better than the “fashionable” and flimsy women’s style. Unfortunately.

  7. someone says:

    havianas are ugly and they sux. try neckermann or birkenstock. they look much more decent and made to last & at least there isnt anything stuck in the middle of your toes. comfort level is a lot better.

  8. Sure you can, but why on earth do you even need to wear flip flops in. They should be super comfy from the beginning!! argh!! Havaianas, at … flflops.wordpress.com

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