Learn how to swing at the Darwin Railway Club!!!

Today was one of those days… the April “off the leash” issue was opened at the right page on my dinner table, it read “Swing Dancing @ Darwin Railway Club” and with that me and my couch surfing buddy Nick were on our way.

We caught the number 4 bus in front of woolies, but as the bus driver correctly pointed out we should have caught the number 10…ah well… it was only another 10 minute walk from our bus stop. Take it in your stride… take it in your stride…

At night the venue was rather hard to find. It’s not near the main shopping district in Parap but tucked away behind some back avenues. Upon entering you get this really ol’skool kinda vibe. It feels like an old converted warehouse with a bar at the back and stage at the front. To add character to it, a tacky chandelier sits right in the middle of the room.

Nick dug the place almost from the instant he walked in. For $15 you can grab a plate of whatever the kitchen decides to cook that night. Tonight was satay chicken with rice and a citrus salad. Since I had not yet eaten, I was rather ravenous, the food ain’t too bad, but for $15 I’d much prefer a kebab in the city.

Usually there is big band that plays to provide the swing music, but tonight for whatever reason they were not there, so instead an ipod hooked into the PA did the trick. Since the band wasn’t playing, the MC for the night, whose name I have already forgotten, provided a very informative lesson. It probably lasted for about one and a half hours.

He taught 5 moves. Progressively more difficult but his pitch was this – with these 5 moves you can get away with murder on the dance floor… well… not exactly, but you get the drift.

Now, I wore flip flops to the venue and while I was the only one wearing flip flops, I can honestly say that it does not matter. The girl boy ratio was a bit biased tonight. You know how people will say that in Darwin for every girl there are 3 boys… well not when it comes to swing dancing. All in all there would have been roughly about 60 people and 40 of them were probably girls. I ain’t complaining.

It’s not a bad place to meet other people too, for that you should definitely put it on your to do list for Wednesday! It’s Wednesday man, what else are you going to do! Did I mention that it was free too!

Coming back you’ll probably have to catch a taxi if you don’t live nearby. You can probably find enough people to share a cab with you if you chat to enough people, consider it a mission. We did and we took a cab with 2 others.

For those who can’t make it on Wednesday, there is a Sunday one near the Nightcliff Jetty at around 4:30pm.


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