One Pot Meals – Mee Goreng Deluxe

Moving up here to Darwin temporarily has forced me to eat out quite a fair bit. Not that this is a big deal, since I love food. However going out for dinner all the time does start to drain the hip pocket more than I want to. So every now and then I turned to my favourite one pot meal. The Mee Goreng Deluxe. It uses the 2 minute noodle version with some added extras. The ingredients are very simply prepared and because I only use ingredients that are usually stored in the cupboard or fridge perennially, you should have these ingredients on hand.

The great thing about one pot meals is that you are less dependant on fancy utensils cook books require you to have all the time and there is less washing up to do.

For ingredients you will need –

  1. One potato
  2. One carrot
  3. One stalk of spring onion (optional)
  4. Half an onion
  5. One Mee Goreng packet
  6. Oil
  7. One small to medium sized pot
  8. One knife
  9. One chopping board (can do without if you don’t have one)
  10. One egg
  11. One can of tuna

In this meal you basically get a little bit of everything.

Step 1 – Cut potato into thick slices and place in boiling pot of water 

Step 2 – While waiting for potato to cook through, use peeler to peel the carrot into thin strips

Step 3 – When carrot is peeled place Mee Goreng into pot together with potato

Step 4 – While waiting for noodles to soften cut half an onion into thin slices

Step 5 – When noodles are al dente drain water away. I have used a colander, but you can easily just use the lid of the pot and allowing for a slight opening drain the water out.

Step 6 – Add Mee Goreng flavour satchels into the mix

Step 7 – Mix contents of pot well, place back on stove on low heat and make room for an egg in middle of pot

Step 8 – Add a dash of oil into middle of pot and crack an egg into it. Place sliced onions over the contents and cover pot with lid on low heat

Step 9 – While waiting for egg to cook, cut spring onion into small pieces

Step 10 – Open can of tuna and place into the pot when egg is cooked as desired.

Step 11 – Enjoy your Mee Goreng Deluxe and open up a Fat Yak to round off the meal!

There you have it.

You can vary the ingredients somewhat to your liking, if you are not big on tuna, you can always add Asian fish or beef balls, just make sure you boil them along with the potato in the beginning.

This dish is easy as pie and perfect for students who are kitchen virgins or for those who are simply trying to save money.


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I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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