Economic Analysis Described: New Insight into How Economic Forecasters Do Their Work

The following article is taken from Gary North’s website. He is one smart cookie. Can’t say he is young any more, but he is as sharp as ever. The guy is a veritable walking encyclopaedia and he writes so god dam much! The amazing thing is everything he writes has value and insight. Insight you won’t get from elsewhere because I know no other that shares his unique line of thinking, not just in economics, but it life, career, calling, job, service, community, legacy, what it means to live the life you choose and what it costs to live the life you choose. His use of logic is faultless, you definitely don’t want to pick an intellectual fight with him, unless you are absolutely certain of your facts because no one fact checks quite like him. I think part of the reason is his acute understanding of Austrian Economics and the study of Praxeology, i.e. the study of human action. He is the reason and what I call the “oomph” for this blog. He has been telling his readers for years to start their own blog. I’m glad I listened. You should too.
He follows in the footsteps of Mises and Rothbard and shares their characteristic of unyielding adherence to the truth, that is also his appeal.


Gary North, Ph.D.

There is a great deal of free information here at my Tip of the Week e-mail report, current Federal Reserve charts, up-to-the-minute tracking of the dollar, detailed materials on gold, business-related materials, over a dozen of my full-length books, and much more. Nevertheless. . . .

Of all the thousands of pages on this site, I regard this page as the starting point for well-informed investing. You will soon understand why.

The more money you have at risk, the more important this page is.

That’s because economists have become the “new priesthood.” They serve as advisors to national leaders and to managers of multinational corporations. They teach in the business schools. They train the next generation of business leaders. Yet the public remains unaware of how economists go about their work.

Investment fund managers rely heavily on economists for guidance, yet the funds’ millions of investors are ignorant about the crucial analytical technique that is used by modern economists to reach the conclusions that indirectly shape our economy and our future.

This brief introduction and the link at the bottom of this page overcome the mystery.

I believe that an accurate understanding of economists and their work begins with this all-important link, which leads to a brief but masterful presentation. Once you view it, you will possess a permanent advantage over most investors.

Yet to appreciate fully the importance of what you are about to see, most people need my preliminary introduction. Otherwise, they might not recognize the importance of the presentation. You will understand why as soon as you see it.

This little-known information deserves wide circulation.

If, after considering carefully the investment implications of the following presentation, you are convinced of its importance, I am asking you to send this page to your most trusted associates. Use File>Send. Attach a brief note recommending that they read this page. With a recommendation from you, the recipients may actually read it instead of blipping it as if it were spam.

Once you comprehend the implications of what you are about to see, click the Back button and then send this page to anyone you believe can use this information. I am not sure how long this information will be available on-line. Alert your associates while you still can.

The Economists’ Crucial Technique 



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