A unified theory of economics, marketing and advertising.

Well that’s probably a bit over the top, but in this video presentation Rory Sutherland manages to weave these distinct disciplines into a cohesive Shakespearean play that not only explains the world but how human psychology interacts with it. He makes the distinction that in this day and age of modern digital revolution the numbers and arithmetic and mathematical deductions that make the world go around have been given too much credence while neglecting the human psychology aspect of it. In the context of advertising such bias tends to encourage crude assessments of how and why products need to be marketed in a certain way.

If you are in the advertising or marketing industry there are some very profound insights to be gained from the presentation. If you are a non-Austrian economist you might just experience an epiphany after watching it.

After watching this video I think the comments by @ejkless on the youtube page sums it up best –

“All value is subjective and all prices are contextual.”


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