Kmart car insurance, cheapest car insurance company by far

Check out Kmart Tyre and Auto Service for car insurance.

I didn’t think they offered car insurance myself either, but you surprise yourself sometimes.

In my quest to get the cheapest car insurance I went to use iselect’s online comparision, NRMA, AAMI, Youi Insurance, Real Insurance, Alliance Insurance, Budget Direct and even the new pay as you go schemes. Out of the ones I just mentioned the cheapest was Budget. The most annoying online quote to get was iselect. They must have put IT in charge of marketing and online ergonomics and usability because it really really sucked. It was not intuitive at all and contrary to popular myth they do not cover all car insurers just as their health insurance division doesn’t cover all health insurers. Waste of time. For the rest, NRMA had the quickest and minimalist form filling of the lot.  What surprised me was the most expensive quote I got was from those pay as you go insurance companies. It was something in the order of $400 for Third Party property insurance and this only covered 5000 kms of driving… If you drive to work every day and use weekends you can easily cover 15000kms in one year. Again, waste of time.

For my 92 Daihatsu Charade Third Party Property Only cost me about $200 from Budget. At first thought I was sold, it was already roughly $50 cheaper than NRMA. Just as I was about to click purchase, I remember I got a really cheap quote from Lumley’s Insurance for my 62 Morris Major. They generally only insure classic vehicles but I figured they might have other divisions that cater to modern everyday vehicles, so  I checked.

As it happened Kmart Tyre and Auto launched their own car insurance service, using Lumley’s as the facilitator and Wesfamers Insurance as the underwriters. So far so good. It gets better.

To get an online quote I didn’t even have to enter my name. All they needed was the model and make of the car, where it is parked overnight, my date of birth and whether anyone under 25 would be driving it. They really made it easy to get an online quote, no doubt they have tested it for user satisfaction, because after all the tedious online quotes I was trying to obtain this was the first thing I noticed. And it gets better still. Here’s the crux… With Kmart Insurance I can get the same cover Budget Insurance provides less $50.

$154 to be exact. Did I buy it on the spot? you bet.


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