Alternative Cancer Treatment – Dr. Burzynski’s Revolutionary Approach to Cancer

You really have to see this to believe it.

This is the triumphant story of one man’s quest to cure patients of cancer against the unscrupulous wishes of the FDA, big pharma, and government bureaucracy.

The drug business is well greased and highly profitable. It is also built on a paradigm of capital intensive machinery and highly expensive and regulated efficacy and safety trials. Big pharma who have invested heavily in their own industry do not take too well when they face competition that directly outclasses their own drugs in terms of effectiveness. Joseph Schumpter had a word for this, creative destruction. It’s what happens to the horse and carriage when cars were invented. It’s what happens to vinyl when CD’s were introduced and in turn what happens to CD’s when mp3s are made readily and freely available. It’s whats happening right now with book stores when the kindle continues to become Amazon’s best selling product. It’s what will happen to brick’s and mortar universities when online distance learning really takes off at greatly reduced cost. What do you think happens when big pharma sees this kinda of threat? Answer – they go to bed with governments.

What the documentary conveys is jaw dropping. Over the span of 14 years you will see how big pharma together with big government in America has tried to take away and smear what one man has achieved with incurable cancer patients. Patients who he was able to cure.

The documentary is really well made and although it is obviously produced in defence of Dr Burzynski and the bias shows, numbers and facts of the case are highly compelling. Even in this context the producers have done a great job to be as objective as possible.

From my understanding it will only be available for free viewing for a limited time. So I urge you to view it and perhaps even be enlightened or learn something new.


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