If ALDI doesn’t have it, wait for it until it does.

Shopping at ALDI teaches discipline. It rewards those who have future orientation. Future orientation is what every parent should try to teach their kids since children are born present oriented hedonists… Is there anything they don’t want… like right now?!?!

What better way to teach your kids than to simply lead by example. There is no doubt that on any given day when you walk into an ALDI store you may not be able to find the one big ticket item you are looking for. Say for example you are looking to buy a new fridge. Chances are you won’t find a fridge in ALDI for sale now or tomorrow… however if you are willing to delay gratification there is no doubt that you will be able to purchase a reasonably priced fridge within the next 12 months at ALDI, maybe within the next 6 at a price anyone would be happy to part with.

It appears to me that if you are willing to wait there is no homemaking item that you cannot buy at ALDI. Right now I am typing on a netbook I purchased from ALDI a year ago, this was after I waited for almost 6 months for ALDI to stock it on there shelves. I have in the past waited for almost a year to buy a bullet blender from ALDI.

Is it really worth the wait? you may ask. Yes.

In my experience their prices can’t be beat and in some instances can be half the price of what you would normally pay elsewhere. My bullet blender for instance was definitely half of what I could have paid elsewhere. My netbook at the time was close to be half of what i would of had to pay for it elsewhere at the time for the equivalent specs. Even small ticket items that they don’t stock all the time like duct tape is worth buying when it comes around… you can never have enough duct tape.

If your items are seasonal. Your in luck. ALDI has a knack of stocking seasonal products at the right time. Thinking of buying ski gear? ALDI will stock it around the start of the winter season. As a side note I wasn’t planning on ski gear but ALDI did stock reasonable priced merino thermals for $30 a pop which is much less than what you can buy anywhere else including Amazon.

Is there anything I wouldn’t buy at ALDI?

Yes. Since in my previous life I was a carpenter, I would never buy any of their power tools. Hand tools are ok, but if you are in the market for a new power tool, you are better off buying a makita. One of only a few brands I use. To get cheap power tools while the Australian dollar is high buy it on Amazon. Even with the delivery cost high you it is still cheaper to get it at Amazon. If you really want to save even more on overseas delivery costs… use a mail forwarding service like shiptoit.

Bottom line. If you want to save money. Get value for money. Don’t pay retail pay ALDI. If they don’t stock it, don’t buy it till they do. Wait long enough and you can easily furnish your whole house with quality ALDI products.


About 1D

I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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