Moving back up to Darwin… see ya Canberra

I’ve been super busy the pass month or so, hence the lack of posts…

But I have an awesome excuse… I’m moving back up to sunny, hot and humid Darwin. It’s going to be another crazy journey. Time to make new friends, rekindle old ones and plant roots. It also means saying goodbye to old mates, uplifting old roots and feeling sad, but happy.

I’ll be hitting Darwin during the buildup…not the best time to enter Darwin as everyone goes a bit troppo, but its god dam close to Asia, and that’s where the action is these days. Time to make some moolah!

No real progress on the SBI site, i haven’t even registered my domain yet… ah well, the plan is to hit the ground running with the SBI site once I land in Darwin. I’m also going to start a Darwin blog as well, a taste of Darwin nooks and crannies.



About 1D

I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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