Hello Darwin!… again… for the second time

Since arriving on the 3 October, I’ve managed to catch up with a bunch of old mates I met up here back in April. I’ve also met some new friends as well. So far I’ve had about two weeks off and will be starting work on Monday, thankfully for me work is literally next door to where they put me up at the Mantra.

First thing I did when I got here was to get a bike. Gumtree is still the best place to grab a cheap bike, though I have been told also that freecycle is another website worth looking at. The bike I bought was only $40, no batmobile but it works. It probably needs a bit of tweaking, but I’ve managed to get on the good books with Brian who runs Deadly Treadlies and he is willing to have a look at it for me.

Its been pretty humid in the mornings and the build up has definitely started. The weather forecasts keep telling us it is going to rain but it never does. The weatherman is as bad as them politicians!

Food and rent is the same as they were last time around. High. The prices for rents is quite wide ranging even between rents in the same suburb. It appears the discriminating factor is the ability of the tenant to commit to a length of stay, which means signing onto a lease. Also the age of the house can be a factor as well. Take Nightcliff for instance, I’ve seen rents as low as $150 to as high as $260, the main factor as mentioned before is that on the lower end expect to sign onto a lease and commit to at least 6 months to a year. At the higher end, it usually means no lease, no commitment except to provide 2-4 weeks notice if leaving and usually the house is much nicer. Because Darwin is such a transient city, the turnover rate is quite high, mainly backpackers coming and leaving. Landlords will tend to value someone who is here permanently and can commit for a longer period, hence saving them the hassle of always finding new tenants.

I have seen only two houses so far, and will be looking at a few more. I’ve never paid anything more than $140 a week, so already everything I have seen is expensive… ah well such is the renter’s life in NT.

I also caught up with an amazing woman last night, Natalie Uhing. Super talented bookmaker and do-er of all things art and crafty. Natalie and her husband Kris Larsen live on a refurbished fishing trawler. They are literally living my dream lifestyle! Kris sails around the world the ol school way, no motor, just wind and sail, and his sextant… no that’s not a sex slave but a celestial navigational instrument used by the likes of James Cook… yeah I haven’t even met him and he sounds like one cool mother****** hahaha

More about Natalie Uhing and Kris Larsen in another post. In the meantime you can check out their websites.





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I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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2 Responses to Hello Darwin!… again… for the second time

  1. Wah! You got a post out before I did! LOL I’m just about to hit the Publish button for my own take on Saturday night. How was your first day at work? Ooh, Mantra! Posh! Linking to your blog, okay? See you around when you’ve settled down a bit.

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