Life in Kenya – Vignette Number 1

A mate of mine who will remain anonymous has been sending me postcards of his travels. I find the vignettes he paints both interesting and insightful. Since I hardly travel at all you can sometimes forget how diverse human culture can be. With his blessing I am passing on the story of his beautiful journey with you. 

In this first part of a multipart series of Kenya he visits his sister who has been working with an aid organisation to help disadvantaged kids.

In Kenya, Africa now connecting with my sister who lives here. 

Today there were some Maasai warrior cattle herders  tending their cattle through town.  A most unusual breed so I went down and took a photo.  Not a good idea.  The cattle are part of the herdsmen (an extension of their soul) and the Maasai do not like photos so by extension in a sense I photographed the grazer.  The Massai feel it is tapping on their energy but if you pay to take a picture then it is okay?  He became very aggressive threatening me with his stick so I left the scene.  See below photo.  The cattle look just like cattle but if I can get a clearer, closer picture they do not.


As the Maasai are the original owners of the land, they are allowed to continue caring their long club and machete in the main city – Nairobi.  They generally wear a bright red shawl and that is it.  Cattle is their main wealth.  The red shawl is so they stand out to the hunting lions.   The lions like eating cattle but due to centuries of the Maasai hunting the lions (you use to have to have killed one to be a man) the lions now avoid the Maasai herdsmen as they have a history of being speared by the herdsmen.

Here is their version of a MacDonalds burger, a white ear of corn which if allowed to cook too hot pops, served with part of the husks so no pollution due to wrapping,  is very filling and costs 30 cents Australian.


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