Life in Kenya – Vignette Number 2

By Anonymous Travelling Friend

Something I was not prepared for in my arrival in Kenya was seeing storks and very large ones at that, maybe as tall as a small person – note large fence to keep people out with storks standing beside!  And what a wing span indeed.

They roost in  a specific type of tree, the kind that grows very tall and the giraffes eat their prickly branches and leaves.  Each tree is shaped, such that it has a wide flat canopy of thorny branches and leaves, imagine a stick with a plate resting on top of it.  Way too high for most predators and to precarious for the leopards to navigate out to.  But there are many of this same tree species throughout Nairobi but no, they only want to nest in the ones in the centre of town under the main public walkways, some of the best real estate in town.  Well what do birds do after having a good feed?  They paint the tree and those walking under it with white you know what!

They are omnivores so when you walk under their roosting trees you find many small plastic butter containers like you would get when on an airline flight.  Not sure where they get these, from the tip?  Anyway they eat them, fly back to their tree roosts and then experience the containers as uncomfortable so puke the small plastic butter containers back up to fall on the pedestrians bellow.  Between the plastic and their white excreatment on the tree trunks and walkways provides a curious sight indeed.

And of course the large bill boards have been erected solely for them to perch upon.


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