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Melbourne Suburbs that average the highest house price discounts.

According to this article – You can make an offer for a house in Clayton, Victoria that is 12.1% below the asking price and expect the vendor to accept. Like most averages the range can be large… the way … Continue reading

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Is this a sign of Lewis Taylor coming out of retirement?

For all those die hard Lewis Taylor fans still out there, this underrated cult figure for much of the 90s as the blue eyed soulster poster boy has finally come out of retirement! I just hope its permanent. From memory … Continue reading

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Frugal Living in Darwin – No need for hot water…

It wasn’t until I moved out of my temporary stay at mantra pandanas (paid for by work) and into my more permanent abode 2 blocks down in Manton St Darwin that I realised there is absolutely no need for a hot water service for … Continue reading

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Ron Pauls’ best debate performance by far

Ron hits it out of the park in this ABC debate. No one else on stage makes more sense than this man, heck! he even has Rick Perry and Mitt Romney praise him in the end. He most assuredly had … Continue reading

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Life in Kenya – Vignette Number 5 – Kenyan polygamy and the fine art of huts

…continuing on from the Life in Kenya series from my anonymous travel wanderlust matee… When you go up country everyone has their hut.  Everything is thought out.  The first wife has the largest hut.  She needs room for the daughters … Continue reading

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Sweet Swedish Soul Music

Sweden is such a torch bearer for cutting edge soul music these days. Its not easy to explain soul music for those new to this genre. I like to describe it as emotional music, though that probably doesn’t do it … Continue reading

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