Is this a sign of Lewis Taylor coming out of retirement?

For all those die hard Lewis Taylor fans still out there, this underrated cult figure for much of the 90s as the blue eyed soulster poster boy has finally come out of retirement! I just hope its permanent. From memory I think Lewis Taylor retired to become a plumber, but don’t quote me on this, all official news from this enigmatic figure has almost been purged from cyberspace… well not quite… if you look hard enough you can still find a few copies of his earlier stuff in Amazon and even the odd radio interview he did back in the day. His self titled debut album is in my mind a masterpiece. If Stevie Wonder and Todd Lundgren took LSD together and produced a love child (technically impossible I know) but if they could they would bore a Lewis Taylor. And if they were put in the studio together in a drug induced binge, they would have been proud to have produced the debut album once they had sobered up. No seriously, the debut album by Lewis Taylor is epic in all aspects. The melodic arrangements of this album sit on top of each other (Bittersweet, Betterlove) in a fragile house of cards only to reach a climatic anthem-like crescendo (Damn) and implode on itself in a cacophonous vacuum (Spirit). It really is that good, the album itself gets rarer by the day. If I ever lose my original copy of the CD I would easily pay $100 back for it.

At his height, he released his Lost album circa 2004 garnering cross Atlantic critical acclaim. In the States a series of concerts were even scheduled but for some unknown reason in the middle of it all… Lewis  Taylor quietly slipped out the back exit door never to be heard again… Perhaps he became disenfranchised with the whole Hollywood thing, sure these things happen.

Anyway I hope this song with him as a feature artist is a sign of things to come and permanently. While the song is not the best duet he has sung in, it will be quite evident to old time Lewis Taylor lovers his influence on the song from the hard to explain nuances they will pick up that most definitely screams Lewis Taylor, key changes in particular and the way cadence is used in the song.

The main artist I have never heard of, but I’m willing to hear her out purely for the fact that she has been able to bring Lewis Taylor back into the fold. It’s been a fu3king long time coming! let me tell ya

If you are digging for awesome soul music, check out the soul scene in  sweden, the swedes know how to take it to another level.


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5 Responses to Is this a sign of Lewis Taylor coming out of retirement?

  1. Video removed by the user? Aww…. anyway, you’re back! How was VN? Surprised yu aven’t blogged about it. Belated Happy Holidays, btw.

  2. philb says:

    Being one of those diehard fans – I bumped into your blog hoping to pickup the scent of the enigmatic Mr.Lewis . With the video removed (what was it by the way?) there really isn’t any clue who the duet artist is or was .
    I’m assuming it was Deborah Bond
    But I found this interview .. which unfortunately means he’s still missing ..

  3. 1D says:

    Hi Philb, Yes the main feature artist is Deborah Bond, quite saddened they have taken those lewis taylor youtube clips out. I would pay to get those old youtube clips put back on, especially the one where he does ‘song’ in a concert. Unfortunately he is still missing, yes, I hope one day he will reappear again with a stack of new music, his talent in my mind is unmatched. I wish someone would do a “who is lewis taylor documentary” hehe, that would be epic. Thanks for the link, nice one!

    • Mike Harwood says:

      Lewis Taylor – (an artist before his time). Love that idea of a documentary – what a coo that would be! I was gutted when I heard Lewis had turned his back on the music industry as I too think he is the saviour of the British Music scene – no pretention, just good honest (actually brilliant) song writing and production. Despite all, you do hear clips of his fabulous music cropping up in TV drama’s now and then which just goes to show he still has a huge underground appreciation of his talent – Yep, come back Lewis, the sooner the better!

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