Being fun and focused…is the key for me.

A couple of days ago I went through a mini presentation about Landmark Education conducted by my flat mate (Michael). It was quite a useful presentation and surprisingly there was some value to be obtained when I expected none. As Michael would explain it, Landmark Education shows you how our attachment to our past experiences is limiting, perhaps hindering our potential in the future. Once one recognizes this fact they can then go about creating the future they have always wanted but never able to achieve, presumably by using the tools and education material Landmark provides. While I wasn’t quite prepared to fork out the $695 for a 4 day Landmark workshop in Sydney, the take away for me was that after doing the short mini exercises in the presentation it made me realize what was missing in my life that was stopping me from reaching ever greater heights. What it came down to was simply this – being more fun and focused.

In retrospect (hindsight is great ain’t it) I was not allowing myself to immerse in the moment, the here and now, as they would say, or as my German friend Uli would say “You can’t enjoy yourself if you have something stuck up your arse!” lol… In many respects perhaps I was being over analytical about what I wanted to achieve and putting too much pressure on myself. Perhaps I am comparing myself too much with what my peers have achieved successfully in business, family and life. Perhaps I am <drum roll> flinching too much. Acknowledgement is always the first step to positive change. With that off my chest, I am definitely going to enjoy the moment more and just be more “fun”.

Fun’s boundary will sit right next to “focus’s”. The other take away for me is that even though I feel the pressure to succeed in life I am often simply let down by not staying focused enough on the things I should be doing. Enough of that I say. Today I found myself constantly asking this question in my mind –

“Is this going to help me get closer to my goals or not?”

Invariable I found myself often saying no and this has basically forced me to remain focused on what I should be doing, and I think it’s working, and I’ll tell you why. I woke up early this morning and ran 3.5 kms to work. Once I was at work I did not check for personal emails or surf the web to kill time, I was there at work doing work the whole time and I managed to finish off a mini project which has dragged on and on for months. Today I finally made the executive decisions necessary to finish the project. My manager may not like it, but fuck it I need to ship. At work I managed to keep my hands out of the cookie and candy jar. After work I ran 1km in pouring rain to the Parap swimming pool and unexpectedly did 400 metres of swimming. In a word – AMAZING. One of my goals has been to just swim 50 metres non-stop, well… I managed to do that today 8 times in a 50 metre pool. After my swimming session, I ran another 4.5kms along the scenic route to go back home. Once at home I cooked, ate, cleaned up, washed some clothes and I have been tweaking previous blog posts up until writing this one. I’m actually quite beside myself. For the first time I think I understand what “focus” actually feels like. The other amazing thing that has happened is that my phone has finally decided to cark it and that I don’t seem to miss it. What it has done, and this is a blessing in disguise is distract me less. This can only be good.

I am going to maintain this for as long as possible.


About 1D

I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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