Core Values, Mission Statement, Aim and Goals in life

I’m currently going through a goal setting exercise. I’ve always had trouble setting goals and sticking to them. After buying into Early to Rise’s goal setting webinar it made me realize that what I really needed to do was to firstly clarify and clearly define the core values I am trying to reflect before I even begin to write down my goals. Sounds all very easy but I can assure that it is not and it actually requires a fair bit of constructive thinking. I spent the last few days mulling over what core values I am trying to achieve as a person, in no particular order the list below definitely resonates. I hope one day they will all be aligning true north for me.

Core Values

  1. Treat others the way I would like to be treated.
  2. Do what I promised to do.
  3. Learning how to make mutually beneficial exchanges.
  4. Honesty, Truth and Respect.
  5. Frugality – Make do, waste not want not.
  6. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Being fun and focused.
  8. Unflinching when confronted with challenges.
  9. Making a profit through honest means.
  10. Accepting people as they are.
  11. Being able to listen without defending.

The next step is to distill my mission statement into one sentence. For me this was easy as I define my mission to be my calling


“To serve as many people as I can by doing the most important thing I can do in which I would be most difficult to replace”

Next step is to define my life aims. Aims are essentially the culmination of your goals summarized into a few sentences. In other words they are the overarching umbrella goal of my life’s actions.


  1. Not ever having to worry about money again and to be able to work anywhere I want and not be tied to one geographical place.
  2. A lifetime partner to share in all of life’s wonderful experiences.

Finally, the nitty gritty of goal setting can begin. I have broken up goals into outcome goals and process goals. Outcome goals are the ends that are to be achieved. They are specific in nature and have target dates to hit. Process goals refer to the day to day tasks, to do’s that must be done in order to deliver the outcome goals by the target date. Both outcome and process goals are further divided into different categories. This is because life is more than just wealth, it’s also about health, self-improvement and a state of being. If we focus just on one aspect and not the others there is the potential to feel dejected whenever progress is slow, the key is to view this holistically, while one aspect may be slow to progress other aspects may be on track. Knowing that overall you are able to hit your goal targets helps to from a holistic perspective and avoid disappointment. Personally for myself I find that I am able to motivate myself quite well in health related goals, but not so in my blogging related goals (see below).

Outcome Goals

Health                                                                                                Ship Date

  1. Learn to Swim (breaststroke) for 1km                                     2012-09-01
  2. Complete 100km bike rides                                                       2012-08-01
  3. Run to work in under 15 minutes                                              2012-07-01
  4. Master cooking for going primal                                                2012-06-01


  1. Complete Diploma of Building Surveying                                 2012-08-01
  2. Pay off all credit card debt                                                          2012-06-01
  3. Save 50K                                                                                       2012-08-01
  4. Save 2K for rest of Mongolia bike tour                                     2012-08-15
  5. Setup SMSF                                                                                  2012-06-01
  6. Own 10 debt free houses/units/investments                          2022-01-01
  7. Master options trading using Greeks                                        2012-12-01
  8. Begin PR process in Belgium or Asia                                         2014-01-01
  9. Start an import/export business                                               2014-01-01
  10. Setup offshore bank account                                                      2014-01-01
  11. Setup offshore tax structure for business                                2014-01-01
  12. Set up Cook Island trust                                                             2014-01-01


  1. Build a blog that attracts on average 10 views a day             2012-06-01
  2. Launch frugal website on SBI                                                    2012-07-01
  3. Launch Building Surveying website in the NT                        2012-12-01
  4. Launch                                                 2012-12-01
  5. Master the use of commercial wordpress                                2012-07-01


  1. Unflinching in all situations                                                        2013-01-01
  2. Learn how to converse in Mandarin                                        2012-08-01
  3. Learn how to converse in Spanish                                            2013-08-01
  4. Learn how to read Mandarin                                                    2012-08-01
  5. Learn how to read Spanish                                                        2013-08-01
  6. Learn how to dance one routine of swing dancing                  2012-08-01
  7. Save 4K and get braces fitted for teeth                                   2013-12-01
  8. Master fastcar by Tracy Chapman on the guitar                   2013-06-01

Social Happiness

  1. Build stronger family ties than what I have now                   2013-01-01
  2. Build core group of friends I can rely on if need be               2013-01-01
  3. Start dating again                                                                       now

Process Goal                                                                                              Review Rate


  1. Review personal goals every day                                             Weekly
  2. Run to work every 3rd day                                                       Tue & Thu
  3. Breaststroke 500m                                                                    Wed & Fri
  4. Cycle to work                                                                               Mon, Wed & Fri


  1. Finish one Building Surveying assignment a day                   Daily
  2. Pay $500 into credit card every fortnight                              Fortnightly
  3. Pay $500 into savings account every fortnight                      Fortnightly


  1. Write one valuable blog post a day                                           Daily
  2. Study SBI action guide every day for one hour                      Daily
  3. Learn something new about commercial wordpress              Daily
  4. Post review of 1 online marketing article per week                Weekly


  1. Organize Mandarin/Cantonese classes with Cliff and Ru      Monthly
  2. Organize Spanish classes with Sonia                                         Monthly

Social Happiness

  1. Call parents on phone                                                                  Weekly
  2. Catch up with core group of mates                                            Weekly
  3. Go on dates                                                                                   Monthly

About 1D

I've been fermenting in Canberra OZ for awhile now... Like all public servants I'm battling the cubicle nation... This blog will share my personal journey in which I am preparing to get out of cubicle jail... Time to be your own architect...
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