Hi guys, this is Wonz. Moved up to Darwin from Canberra in October 2011. So far I’ve only experienced the wet, but boy am I looking forward to the dry!

They say small minds talk about people, average minds discuss events and great minds, debate ideas. I’m not one to blow my own horn, but I love to debate other people on ideas especially really taboo and politically incorrect ones. Residing in a fairly public servant environment, I can assure you there is no shortage of taboo or politically incorrect subjects to talk about. Debating with the “annointed ones” (Thomas Sowell) above you on what the proper role of Government should be in the public sector will not assist in career progression, but will help alleviate the soul from the monotonous bureaucratic ebb and flow of  the daily grind.

I’m 30 young, not out and still single. Peer pressure, status anxiety (a la Alain De Botton), multiple groomsmen appearances and a kalaidescope of breast feeding imagery of close friends all combine to exert a real sense of urgency for my own fate. I’m not one to leave it to chance so seeking a lifetime partner as of this moment is definitely an active part of my life. Serendipity is nice, but I’d rather make it happen and leave nice for another day!

My ideal partner is one who can tick 80% of all the boxes. If she ticked all of them she would be too perfect and boring. 80% sounds about right considering Pareto rules – literally (If you don’t know anything about Alfredo Pareto, wiki it, everything will all make sense). Some differences in the relationship and the odd argument here and there helps to add a bit of spice to the relationship and helps to make it interesting, believe you me, physical attraction is not sustainable, better to keep the mind happy.

Looking for a lifetime partner is not all I do. excuse me if I gave that impression haha… my social life is pretty important too. In order to expand my social circle I’ve created a Darwin meetup group for people to gather and socialize a bit. Excuse the shameless self promotion but if you are interested join here –


They say we are all guided by own core values whether we like it or not. Those who don’t have any values, value nothing and therefore will not amount to much in life. I’m definitely not “valueless”, but I’ve only recently made the connection between what one values and what one can achieve in life. Now that I’m aware of this fact I want to make it an actively conscience part of my decision making. This is akin to kayaking for a long journey and only discovering that the rudder can also be steered in conjunction with the paddle half way through. If only I had made this realisation earlier in life, it would have made for a much smoother ride and saved me heaps of time. So what are my core values? They are –

Core Values

  1. Treat others the way I would like to be treated.
  2. Do what I promised to do.
  3. Learning how to make mutually beneficial exchanges.
  4. Honesty, Truth and Respect.
  5. Frugality – Make do, waste not want not.
  6. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  7. Being fun and focused.
  8. Unflinching when confronted with challenges.
  9. Making a profit through honest means.
  10. Accepting people as they are.
  11. Being able to listen without defending.

Originally my list was just the first two. In many respects that’s all you need, however in my endeavour to be more specific and less vague I’ve tacked on a few more that really resonates with me.

Sounds easy, but trust me it’s not. Especially the second one. Said in another way it would be “Don’t promise something you can’t deliver on” Not living by the second rule has cost me a very important relationship in my life. Don’t let it happen to you.

Apart from values I’m a big believer in mission statements and proper goal setting in life. This is still a work in progress for me. All I know is that I want to serve as many people as I can in life. I want my life to be of service, I want to have made a significant and positive experience to those around me. I don’t know exactly what kind of service I want to provide. I do know that once I have discovered it, it will be my calling in life. The most important thing I can do in which I would be most difficult to replace.

The type of service I speak of doesn’t necessarily have to fit the mould of the conventional admirable type we have all grown up to believe is good, such as charity and voluntary aid. When I say service I literally mean all types of services. One of the most important contemporary men who has made his career in serving people is Steve Jobs. Can you imagine a world without his products?

To be continued…


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