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Technology and Freedom… a beautiful communion

I’m not even going to summarize the article, just read it and enlighten yourself, amazing how technology and freedom go hand in hand. Victimless crime = oxymoron Advertisements

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Meeting local Darwinians update

As a rejoinder to my previous post on meeting Darwinites, I’ve had great success with the couch surfing community. They are an eclectic bunch and no two are the same. The great thing about couch surfing is that for most … Continue reading

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Havaianas are overrated overhyped overpriced and a pain to wear.

I’ve had it with Havaianas. My last pair broke when I was in Vietnam. I’ve had two pairs break on me while walking in the middle of nowhere. It always breaks off at the bottom round circly thingymejigs that keep … Continue reading

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Where to meet local Darwinians for a night out?

Been in Darwin since last Friday, and besides meeting Kim (see pic below) the unofficial tour guide of Darwin from the couch surfing community (search for Permanettourist in the cs community) I’ve come unstuck when it comes to meeting Darwinians … Continue reading

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Get an Apple iPad for $200!!!

…well…not quite, but if your prepared to buy a nook and then crack it yourself by installing android on it… it comes pretty close… now I’m no techie myself and I don’t see a need for an ipad in my … Continue reading

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Fukushima nuclear reactor coverup!?

As soon as I touched down in Darwin I was confronted with what would by now be the all too familiar pictures of the wave of destruction caused by the Tsunami in Japan. My deepest sympathies goes out to everyone … Continue reading

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