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Core Values, Mission Statement, Aim and Goals in life

I’m currently going through a goal setting exercise. I’ve always had trouble setting goals and sticking to them. After buying into Early to Rise’s goal setting webinar it made me realize that what I really needed to do was to … Continue reading

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Being fun and focused…is the key for me.

A couple of days ago I went through a mini presentation about Landmark Education conducted by my flat mate (Michael). It was quite a useful presentation and surprisingly there was some value to be obtained when I expected none. As … Continue reading

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My Groomsmen Speech (not best man speech)

Spent last week in Melbourne, to help prepare for my mates wedding, the reception was held in Carousel near the lake in Albert Park. In a word – beautiful. Being part of the bridal party, I was eventually asked to … Continue reading

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Improving myself by the end of the year

I’ve created a list of things I am going to try to achieve by the end of the year. Here it is – Eat Well. Put on some weight Pay off all Credit Card Debt Achieve Saving Goal of 50K … Continue reading

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Are you flinching too much?

Dont. But first read this. Julien Smith is a new york times best selling author and speaker. This book is about how we as babies grow up learning to flinch to avoid pain and how this natural knee jerk reaction … Continue reading

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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Dr. Burzynski’s Revolutionary Approach to Cancer

You really have to see this to believe it. This is the triumphant story of one man’s quest to cure patients of cancer against the unscrupulous wishes of the FDA, big pharma, and government bureaucracy. The drug business is well greased and … Continue reading

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Ron Paul at the New Hampshire debate

After listening to what Ron Paul has to say, ask yourself this question, is there anyone in Australian politics that truly reflects what this man stands for even if it was only one tenth of what it is? The answer … Continue reading

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