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How to live rent free in Darwin

Ok, so what I am about to propose is just an idea. But I think its an awesome idea. Renting in Darwin is a real bummer because rents up here are one of the highest in all of the capital … Continue reading

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Make do… part 2

Lucky for me my workplace is quite casual when it comes to attire, No Tie No Problems! I don’t iron my shirts, I just wear a nice expensive looking merino V neck sweater to hide my shirt. I only wear … Continue reading

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Should I buy or should I rent?

There is a really good blog post over at financial follies regarding the merits of buying versus renting a house. As far as I can tell, the blog has been inactive for quite some months now, but the post remains as … Continue reading

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Make do or do without… shampoo

There are a lot of things in life you could make do or do without. You can make do with a bicycle and do without a car, make do with hand me downs and do without expensive clothes, make do … Continue reading

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One Pot Meals – Mee Goreng Deluxe

Moving up here to Darwin temporarily has forced me to eat out quite a fair bit. Not that this is a big deal, since I love food. However going out for dinner all the time does start to drain the hip pocket … Continue reading

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A pair of ExOfficio briefs (underwear) are all you will ever need… forever

I’ve been wearing mine for well over 8 months now. Obviously they don’t look brand new, but I can honestly say they feel just as good if not better than when I first put them on. These are the only … Continue reading

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How to get a cheap bike in Darwin…

It’s been one and a half weeks into my 6 week stint in Darwin, NT. I’m seriously considering getting a bike. If I do, I don’t want to spend too much on it… I’m leaving in 4.5 weeks. My budget … Continue reading

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