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Raw Capers Rawsome food!

Been in discussions with a mate who is looking at getting an online presence with her small but growing business in Canberra. She runs Raw Capers, a homemade goodie producer of raw cakes, raw sweets, and raw vegetable chips. I … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart on Ron Paul

The msm whiteout of Ron Paul coming in a statistical dead heat with Michelle Bachmann at the IOWA straw poll is starting to come apart at the seams. Jon Stewart kicks some satirical butt in this following clip – The … Continue reading

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Sex sells even when it comes to Austrian Economics…

Nothing like a hot libertarian touting Austrian Economics…dang!! chin up, chin up… On a more serious note, it’s a pretty good introduction to Austrian Economics. To understand economics, you must understand how and why people make economic choices – human … Continue reading

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Simple, clear, succinct Ron Paul ad, one of my favourites

This is not a mainstream ad, it was made for youtube – It works, it goes straight to the point. Ron Paul and Obama could not be any more different than night and day. Shame Australia doesn’t have a Ron … Continue reading

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If you haven’t come around to Ron Paul’s logic, watching this should do it…

First, watch this. If you have been curious to know more about Ron Paul and not just the sound bytes, the above video does a pretty good job. Here, you really get the sense on where his reasoning comes from. … Continue reading

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What’s worse then HIV?

Today I stumbled upon the following article about Nick Scott, who has recently been sent to pasture in a nursing home because of HIV related complications, namely dementia caused by anti -retro viral drugs. Nick is only 38. You can read … Continue reading

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