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What’s worse then HIV?

Today I stumbled upon the following article about Nick Scott, who has recently been sent to pasture in a nursing home because of HIV related complications, namely dementia caused by anti -retro viral drugs. Nick is only 38. You can read … Continue reading

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Alternative Cancer Treatment – Dr. Burzynski’s Revolutionary Approach to Cancer

You really have to see this to believe it. This is the triumphant story of one man’s quest to cure patients of cancer against the unscrupulous wishes of the FDA, big pharma, and government bureaucracy. The drug business is well greased and … Continue reading

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Technology and Freedom… a beautiful communion

I’m not even going to summarize the article, just read it and enlighten yourself, amazing how technology and freedom go hand in hand. Victimless crime = oxymoron

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Where can you run in Darwin?

You can run anywhere you damn well like… but for newbies to Darwin the apprehension to do so is understandable. Today I could not resist, I live on Cavenagh street and decided to walk over to Smith St and began … Continue reading

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Why saturated fat is good for you…

Boy o boy have I been duped big time! Remember the food pyramid everyone grew up with, you know the 6-8 servings of carbohydrates per day… well, have you ever wondered what if they got it all wrong? What if they had … Continue reading

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